Maple Stave

A band from Durham, NC

Show at Duke Coffeehouse

04/02 Durham, NC at the Duke Coffeehouse with The Powder Room and City of Medicine

Midwest Tour 2016

03/03 Newport, KY at the Southgate House Revival Lounge with Knife the Symphony and Motherfucker and Mala In Se

03/04 South Bend, IN at McCormick's with The Rutabega and Jake Simmons & the Little Ghosts and Infinite Buffalo

03/05 Chicago, IL at Township with Nonagon and Knife the Symphony and Haymarket Riot

03/06 Madison, WI atFrequency with Tyranny is Tyranny and Bell and Circuit

03/07 Milwaukee, WI at Amy's Whinehouse with Heavy Hand

03/09 Kalamazoo, MI atSatellite Records with OUT

03/10 Bloomington, IN at Backdoor with Unions and Waxeater

03/11 Louisville, KY at Mag Bar with Waxeater and Tape Age

03/12 Chapel Hill, NC at Cat's Cradle Backroom with Bronzed Chorus and Wailin' Storms

Pre-order the new record "V"

New album being released March 2016!


10/29 Nightlight with Nonagon and Knife the Symphony